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1) PDD (Professional Driver Development) Course: 

We offer two different Driver Development Courses that provide a blended mixture of measurable evaluations along with detailed defensive driving lessons in simulated situations and winter skid control teaching. 7 modules nicely rolled into a 4.5-hour program shared between 2 drivers at the same time. Drivers have fun competing with each other - yet learning skills that simply cannot be taught in a classroom setting or online PDIC Course. As an employer you will receive detailed evaluation reports and optional full video recording of each training session. This information will clearly identify a driver’s strengths and weaknesses in multiple driving scenarios - allowing you to pick other specific training modules to ensure your driver's proficiency skills remain at your required standards. We also offer you an extended PLUS version - adding even more evaluations and training to raise the bar of professional development even further. This is a Certified 2-year course. Drivers are given a wallet card and wall certificate showing completion and expiry date. These certificates are also provided to the company and stored on our Cloud Server for your own password protected access.

Download PDD Flyer - Click Here

a) Professional Driver Development - Basic Course

-  SIMULATOR ADAPTATION - Free Drive - Learn to look ahead & learn to center truck in the lane.
-  EVALUATION WITH DETAILED REPORTS + VIDEO -  Fully monitored drive to test driver on the rules of the road, courtesy, safety control and fuel efficiency.
-  EVALUATION OF CITY DRIVING - Demonstrate driving competence + control with good safety margins within a busy simulated city drive.
-  EVALUATION OF EXPRESSWAY DRIVING - Demonstrate driving competence + control with good safety margins within a busy simulated expressway drive.
-  EVALUATION OF THE BACKING UP CHALLENGE - Backing-up in progressively more challenging situations.
-  DISTRACTED DRIVING – MENTAL CALCULATION - Maintain vehicle control while executing mental arithmetic.
-  SKID PREVENTION & SKID CONTROL - Integrated PowerPoint presentation with hands-on experimentation.
1 Student:    $350.00 + GST  (3.5 hours)

2 Students:  $500.00 + GST  (4.5 hours)


b) Professional Driver Development - Basic Course + Extra Modules)

Add 3 more more modules to above regular PDD Course (for a total of 10 modules)

-  COUNTRYSIDE – TOPOGRAPHY - Winter driving conditions with variable grade percentages.
-  DOWNHILL SERPENTINE - Maintain control going downhill in winter driving conditions.
-  MOUNTAIN DRIVING - WINTER - Maintain control going up steep grades in winter driving conditions.
1 Student:    $450.00 + GST  (4.5 hours)

2 Students:  $700.00 + GST  (6.5 hours)



2) Defensive Driving Course: 

Defensive Driving scenarios are based on general everyday skills that any professional driver could benefit from. The Driver will utilize the simulator to develop driving techniques when exposed to several risks, including: Winter Operation, Drowsy Driving, Roll Over Prevention, Vision Habits, Safety Margins and more. Drivers will experience traffic, adverse weather or road conditions and pedestrian hazards while completing tasks similar to their day to day tasks. Drivers will develop awareness and become safe and proficient operators in unfamiliar surroundings.


Download Defensive Driving Flyer - CLICK HERE

 a) Basic Entry-level Defensive Driving Course:

This Module is a basic, interactive defensive driving course. The Simulator will guide the driver through lessons to:

- Integrated Defensive Driving Presentation
- Drowsy driving - presentation
- Drowsy driving - demonstration
- Practice and test your ability to scan your mirrors for crucial information
- Keep eyes moving – scan for wildlife and test response when observed
- Distracted driving (practice mental calculation while multiple distractions are presented)
- Lane change training
- Merging onto highway
- Safe passing on rural roads
- Lower risks associated with road sharing

This course can be taught with up to 2 clients at a time. Each student is shown the above principles in a power-point presentation on the simulator screen, then they take turns practicing what was taught in a variety of simulated driving situations. Learning retention along with real habit changes are up to 80% more effective than just classroom teaching alone.

1 Student:    $375.00 + GST  (3.5 hours)

2 Students:  $699.00 + GST  (6.25 hours)

Additional Modules:

There are two additional packages we can add to the above Basic Defensive Driving Course to aid in further training on two additional issues customers frequently request: 

Add-on Option #1: Winter Operation

- Countryside with Topography
- Downhill Serpentine
- Mountain Driving – Winter
- Speed Adjustment – Low Visibility
- Speed Adjustment – Winter Conditions

1 Student:    $549.00 + GST  (5 hours)

2 Students:  $899.00 + GST  (8 hours)

Add-on Option #2: Vision Habits

- Blind Spots and Mirrors
- Aiming Far & Steering
- Mirrors Dynamic – Lane Change Preparation
- Look Far in Turns
- Distracted Driving – Texting
- Hazard Perception – City Intersections

1 Student:    $549.00 + GST  (5 hours)

2 Students:  $899.00 + GST  (8 hours)


b) Advanced Defensive Driving Technics: Roll-over Prevention & Safe Practices. 

This course is designed for the more experienced professional driver. We focus on roll-over prevention and vision habits. Sometimes the more experience we have the more complacent we get. This course helps remind the experienced driver some of the more refined skills we tend to forget. 

- Rollover Prevention – Introduction - Theory
- Introduction to Vehicle Dynamics
- Experimentation on Highway
- Obstacle Avoidance – Practice
- Obstacle Avoidance – Challenge
- Load and CG – Experimentation
- Effects of wind
- Rollover Prevention – Expressway Exit
- Rollover Prevention - Conclusion
- Total Braking Distance
- Speed and Braking Distance
- Road Conditions and Braking Distance
- Speed, Visibility and Stopping Distance
- Speed and Kinetic Energy
- Total Stopping Distance and Risk Exposure
- Risk Exposure on Expressway
- Space Ahead – Expressways – Basics

1 Student:    $549.00 + GST  (5 hours)

2 Students:  $899.00 + GST  (8 hours)


 3) Eco-driving: 

Our courses can save trucking companies up 40% in fuel costs alone. Driving habits CAN be changed and re-learned - especially when you can utilize a simulator that brings the "fun" back into learning. We strongly encourage our clients to explore this newest feature and see why this program is one of our fastest-growing modules since simulators were introduced into the market. 

a) Basic Fuel Efficency Express:

Fuel Efficency1

This module is a 1-hour group lesson that identifies and shows the students the "how" in managing accelerations - so efficient driving is actually proven and then accomplished. This is a great way to start the learning process. Maximum of 6 students at one time.

ONLY  $55.00 + GST  per student (minimum of 2 students required).   ** Maximum charge of $300.00 if class is filled by same company.**  Fuel Efficency2

This is a 3 to 8-hour course (depending on the amount of students attending) with a maximum of 4 students. This is a very comprehensive designed module to clearly demonstrate all aspects of fuel efficiency and maintenance cost reduction. We developed a series of learning scenarios to help drivers understand the physical forces that cause a vehicle to consume fuel:

- rolling and aerodynamic resistance,

- inertia,

- braking and gravity.

As the learner drives, each physical force acting on his vehicle is represented graphically on the front display. The driver receives immediate feedback on the relationship between these physical forces and his own actions on the gas and brake pedals. This direct, experiential learning bridges the gap between classroom or on-line theory and provides each driver with simulated on-road practice! This helps the drivers understand the "why’s and how’s" of fuel-efficient and the benefits of changing their Eco-driving habits. This course adds challenge to the classroom - giving the students a chance to compete against each other and compare scores at the end of the course.

1 Student:    $340.00 + GST  (3 hours)

2 Students:  $495.00 + GST  (4.5 hours)

3 Students:  $629.00 + GST  (6 hours)

4 Students:  $789.00 + GST  (8 hours)



4) Professional Truck Driving Championship : Practice Simulated Course:

The Professional Truck Driving Championship is a competition for professional truck drivers to showcase their skills. They must drive through a prescribed obstacle course, perform a timed pre trip inspection and complete a written test. The winners in each category will become the Champion in their class and will receive a trophy and prize.