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Package #1: Discovery Drive: Test-drive a simulated semi-truck or bus to discover the closest thing you will find to what it is like to drive these "big rigs" in real life. CLICK THIS LINK


Package #2: Driver Assessment:  Assess the proficiency of any Class 1A professional driver. This is an incredibly useful tool when hiring any new company driver. Assess your new applicants in multiple driving scenarios to see ensure the drivers you are hiring meet your proficiency driving standards. What the simulator can do in 30 minutes, would take hours and hours of an instructor’s time to fully assess in a real truck. Provide your company with one more layer of due diligence in ensuring your new drivers can meet your proficiency expectations.

This module is also extremely useful in determining if your existing drivers would benefit from further training in target specific areas!  Are you changing a drivers route...?...sending a prairies driver now through the mountains? Is your highway driver now going to become a city driver requiring additional training in parking trailers in tight situations? Are you changing the type/size of trailer your driver is going to pull? Assess your drivers before making major changes - don't wait for an accident to occur before pinpointing a weakness!!  We are here to help make your drivers successful - lower your risk when making changes to a driver’s routine. We can help you make a change in a driver’s duties seamless and painless!! CLICK THIS LINK


Package #3: Professional Development:

                 - EcoDriving:  We offer several trianing programs to teach and experiance "how" to drive in an efficent manner. Learn as a group. Compete in actual simulator drives to compete on who can drive the most efficently. Learn and understand the reasons, the math and the science behind the proving savings - then experiance it by competing with your fellow students. This is the fastest growning module in simulator training. Learn how to reduce fuel and maintanance costs by up to 40%!!  CLICK THIS LINK

                 - Defensive Driving: We offer several programs for defensive driving. What sets up apart is apart from all other courses is the interactive use of the simulators throughout the entire learning process. As each defensive driving technique is taught, real visual examples are displayed on the simulator, allowing students the chance to actually "see and feel" what was just shown. Then the students rotate through the simulator to experiment with simulated driving experiences relating to the very topics just taught. The learning retention and impact this sort of visual learning provides improves a students retention by up to 80% over just classroom time teaching alone.  CLICK THIS LINK




Package #5: Individual Modules:   Pick and choose from some of the most popular training modules specific to Class 1A training.  CLICK THIS LINK


NOTE: Before using the Simulator you should consider whether there are any health reasons that would make it unsafe for you to use it. If you suffer from motion sickness, high blood pressure, a heart condition, a serious psychiatric disorder, panic attacks, claustrophobia or if you have recently had any serious injuries, illnesses, diseases or other medical conditions you should not use the Simulator. Anyone who has had a seizure, loss of awareness, or other symptom linked to an epileptic condition should consult a doctor before using the Simulator.

DISCLAIMER: We offer a value added service to the professional driving industry. This only offers you the tools, you must use them in accordance to the existing transportation laws and bylaws in place. We hold no responsibility for your driving behaviors outside of the simulated environment we provide.