What can the simulator teach new students or Class 1A drivers?

The Virage VS600M simulator can be used to teach brand new students all the elements that would be taught in a traditional Class 1A course. The simulator is capable of measuring and evaluating new and experienced drivers to determine whether the driver has strengths or weaknesses in all aspects of their driving.

What are the biggest benefits of learning how to drive Class 1A trucks on a simulator?

Safety: Students/drivers are able to to learn the basics on the simulator before they get in a real truck. Just imagine not having to worry about grinding gears, hitting another vehicle or person while learning the basics.

Gain Confidence and Reduce Anxiety: Students are able to gain proficiency and learn the proper techniques before getting into a real truck.

Is the simulator a recognized training tool for training Class 1A drivers in Saskatchewan?

The simulator has been recognized as a supplemental training tool, but has yet to be recognized by the governing body to be included in the MELT (Mandatory Entry Level Training) program.