Discover what it is like to be a professional driver!

Take a one-hour tour of driving your choice of a large truck or bus!

  • Real truck parts.
  • Full simulation of virtually any type of heavy vehicle from dump trucks to highway tractor-trailer trucks and snowplows or buses.
  • Automatic and manual transmission, including the simulation of the popular Eaton-Fuller 10-13 and 18 speed non-synchronized transmission. This simulation has realistic force feedback and vibrations on the shifter!
  • 3D sound. High fidelity visual scenes with a virtual 360-degree view from the driver’s seat (180-degree forward field of view and rear-view mirrors) using the latest LCD high resolution display technology!
  • Glass instrumentation approach for maximum flexibility and adaptability, allowing the rapid selection of different truck configurations without changing hardware!
  • A high-performance, compact three-axis motion system. "Feel" the unit brake, turn and accelerate!
  • A multi-function touch display for a wide range of truck driver controls and applications.
  • Realistic steering wheel behavior based on actual measurements of the forces acting on the wheel during turning maneuvers
  • Realistic responses from the clutch, gas and brake pedals based on actual vehicle measurements.
  • Change the road and weather conditions on the fly!
  • Experience realistic problems: blowouts, braking failures, skids and accidents. Learn what this feels like without incurring any real damage.

This simulator is a great way to test out what it feels like to drive a real "rig". Experience how much safer, cleaner and quicker training becomes in a simulator!

Only $89.95 + GST

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