P.D.D. Course - Basic, With Certificate


  • Choose the specific semi model (brand), engine/hp and trailer combo you wish to use including Eaton-fuller transmissions (10, 13, 18 speed or automatic).
  • Evaluate the driver's ability to apply professional driving standards for safe:
    • Lane changes, following and passing;
    • Backing (straight, angle and alley);
    • Road hazard and risk management;
    • Defensive driving techniques;
    • Adverse driving conditions (fog, ice, snow, wind).
  • Drive specific courses with city, highway, and mountain driving conditions throughout.
  • Simulator can compare your driver's proficiency against an acceptable baseline you created previously and provide you with detailed reports (and video) of any deficiencies encountered. The reports provided allow you to target further specific training for the deficiencies identified in an unbiased evaluation of a driver's skills, helping you decide what steps to take next.

New Driver Hire


Advanced assessment with extra evaluation modules. Includes a full debrief, reports, and video recording.

This 1.5-hour module adds additional testing to the basic package above. We add Module 9.10.1 (Evaluation of City Driving). This will provide the employer with a more comprehensive review of a drivers proficiency, adding the additional challenge of operating a truck within a busy city environment. We will also provide the employer with video proof along with suggestions of areas that the driver may need further training on. This will give your HR department even more valuable information in the hiring process helping to ensure your new driver(s) meet your own proficiency standards.

Only $189.00 + GST

Detailed, Complex Driver Assessment


Check up on your existing drivers proficency with a detailed, full coverage evaluation of all aspects of driving challenges.

This module is a deep assessment. We add module 9.10.1 (Evaluation of City Driving), module 9.10.2 (Evaluation of Expressway Driving) and module 9.10.4 (Evaluation of Hill/Mountain Driving). We recommend this option to be used for existing drivers. This is designed to provide you with a yearly "check-up" to ensure your long-term drivers continue to operate your trucks in a proficient, professional manner in all operating situations. This option is also very useful if you intend on moving a city driver over to the highway or vice versa. We will also provide the employer with video proof along with suggestions of areas that the driver may need further training on. This entire package is designed to ensure your valuable drivers are monitored yearly to add one more layer of due diligence "proof" that continued monitoring and testing of your long-term drivers is occurring!

Only $249.00 + GST

Customizable Packages

If you would like to have your drivers evaluated on all the above modules, the price is $389.00 + GST.

Below is a list of all the Simulator modules available for driver evaluation. If you wish to create your own evaluation package, simply pick the module numbers you wish us to teach, add up the required times for each module you picked and contact us with your list. You will be charged at $115.00 per hour for the total time of your own customized package. Reports and video recording – along with other suggested modules of training based on the results – will always be provided!

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