Simulator Solutions - Discovery Drive

Package 1

Discovery Drive

Try driving a semi-truck, bus, or coach. See what it is like!

Simulator Solutions - Discovery Drive

Package 2

Driver Assessment

Assess a Class 1A new hire to ensure driver proficiency meets your standards.

Simulator Solutions - Discovery Drive

Package 3

Professional Development

Eco-Driving: Save up to 40% in fuel costs. Defensive driving skills.

Simulator Solutions - Discovery Drive

Package 4

Practice and Learn

Drive a bus or coach.

Simulator Solutions - Discovery Drive

Package 5

Individual Modules

Learn shifting, backing up, steering, merging, coupling/uncoupling, and much more!

Custom Driver Simulation Training offers full simulator training for all types of class 1A drivers. From beginner right on up to full refresher courses for even the most experienced drivers.

Simulators are an unbiased new way to safely train drivers before putting them out on the road in a "real truck". Likewise, these simulators can be used for evaluating experienced drivers' skills to pinpoint areas that could be improved upon. The best part of the Simulator Training is that is based on proficiency, not just on number of hours spent in a truck. A driver will be able to actually feel like they are in a real truck while learning new skills or mastering the ones they already perform daily. Likewise, when failures occur, a driver can immediately go back and try again (and again and again) until they have mastered the skill level they desire/need. What a driver can experience in simulated emergencies, weather conditions, mountainous or complex city driving in one day, could take years of real driving to encounter (let alone master handling the situations).

Full video recording is also a standard feature with our simulators, allowing drivers to see the challenges they encounter and easily make any necessary corrections to move forward quickly in the learning curve.

There are modules for teaching novice drivers, all the way up to modules that teach more complicated defensive driving skills. There are modules of training for mastering the skills needed for driving in conditions rarely encountered in normal day-to-day driving. We even have modules that teach driving and operating efficiency - training and understanding how to drive/operate a truck in a manner that would reduce both fuel costs and maintenance costs (which are scientifically/mathematically proven to save up to 40% in fuel and maintenance costs). This feature would also dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We also offer trucking companies the option of testing the proficiency of their new Class 1A applicants before committing them into driving your trucks! Measure and compare their ability against your own proven/experienced long-term senior drivers. Ensure they meet your standards of driving in all possible conditions! Add one more layer of due diligence to your hiring program.

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